Caricon 2023

The Caribbean Literary Conference (CARICON) is the leading literary event of its kind for Caribbean authors and writers throughout the diaspora and focuses on the promotion of Caribbean Literature, Culture and Heritage.


ALEXIS LEE (Author / Speaker)
Alexis Lee is a Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor. Prior to, she received her BA from York University, and Honours Diploma from Sheridan College. For more than a decade she dedicated her time in the Criminal Justice field, and also worked at a women’s shelter assisting survivors of domestic abuse. Along with wanting others to make great first impressions, she launched her first small business as a Personal Stylist just eight months prior to the motor vehicle accident that changed her world. Loss of everything she accomplished and loved built the fortitude and positive approaches to change her trauma into triumph.

CHRISTIE MAINGOT (Author / Actress)

Change UR Mind Change UR Life: A Pocketbook Of Quotes is a collection of quotes that Christie Maingot has collected and a reflection of her mental wellness journey. Christie Maingot aka Cooki Mango da Goddess was diagnosed with bipolar 2 disorder at the age of 17, after a school trip to Montreal. She has been in and out of various mental wards and treatment facilities in Ontario for 20 years. Along her journey she realized that if she could get in control of her thoughts then she can be in more control of her emotions. She was sent this quote by a friend, Kerry Blackburn who had set up a daily text message group to uplift others. "By changing what goes into our minds we can change so much of what comes out of them." Cooki began gathering quotes from Kerry and EVERYONE else she came in contact with, and let them know she will be writing a book one day. Hence, Change UR Mind Change UR Life: A Pocketbook Of Quotes was born.

DEBRA WILLIAMS (Author / Speaker)

Debra Williams is an accountability professional and empowerment coach who works in senior management promoting inclusion and diversity for equitable outcomes. Born and raised in Jamaica, she wrote her first book as a tribute to her Mother and maternal Grandmother. The church hat is a reference to the culture of dressing from head to toe on special occasions and for Sunday service. Both were known for their fashionable style, and welcoming demeanor as they paved the way for the extended family to break patterns of generational trauma. Debra lives in Toronto, Canada where she is close to her siblings and her Uncle, who is represented by the little boy in the story. She continues to create content that reflects the multiculturalism of Black communities.


LEARN 4 FUN 3000 (Author)

Learn 4 Fun 3000 is a mother and daughter team that felt inspired to learn and teach others the various languages of people all over the world, primarily languages spoken in Africa. We noticed that there were not many resources for people in the diaspora to learn the different languages throughout the African continent. We decided to put ourselves up to the task of helping curious minds find the gateway to these languages while having fun doing so! We sell our African Language Learning Books on AMAZON as well as ETSY and we create content on various social media platforms such as YouTube, TikTok and Instagram. Our handle is Learn4Fun3000! Hlala Kahle (Stay Well in isiZulu)

NADINE WHITE (Author / Mediator )

Nadine White is the author of two published and forthcoming picture books and memoirs. The themes explored in her written work reflect her years of advocacy for her son’s learning differences and special needs. Her books also mirror the rich and diverse cultures found within Canadian society. She has been a mediator for over five years, with thirty years of experience dealing with difficult situations in schools and workplaces. She holds an Advanced Certificate in Dispute Resolution from York University, a Q. Med designation from the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario (ADRIO), a Bachelor of Adult Education from Brock University, an English Language teaching certification from TESL Ontario, and a Bachelor of Business Administration from York University. She lives in Ontario, Canada, with her family.